Fully functional air conditioning is not a luxury in Whitehall—it’s a necessity. And when your AC unit goes on the fritz, it’s important to depend on the quality-driven professional air conditioner repair Whitehall, PA local company. Whitehall experts specialize in providing dependable quality AC repair Allentown based services.

Air Conditioner Repair , PA

While certain companies specialize in repairing one type of AC system, at Whitehall Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Service, we don’t think that’s enough. We pride ourselves on being able to provide quality air conditioner repair for all kinds of systems.

  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Split System
  • Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners
  • Through The Wall Air Conditioner
  • Indoor Packaged Units
  • Rooftop Packaged Units.

We also perform air conditioning repair and service all makes and models, including but not limited to: Trane, Amana, Goodman, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, Ruud

Emergency AC Repair Whitehall, PA

A dirty filter will reduce air flow and make the system work harder to keep your home cool, poor air flow is one of the main causes of freezing coils in air conditioning systems. We repair all brands and models of air conditioners in Whitehall, PA

What To Check Before You Call

Air Conditioning systems are complex. Our skilled technicians have the experience and know how to keep your AC systems running smoothly, but we want you to know that in some cases there are simples repairs you can do before you bring in the pros. More often than not, air conditioning repair Whitehall, PA contractors are called to fix minor issues such as these:

 – HVAC System Not Running

Most of the time, when the HVAC system suddenly goes quiet, it’s due to a lack of electric power. In this case, you should check your breakers. If the breakers are on, then move forward to the heater and make sure the emergency switch is turned on.

 – Heater Blower Is On but Condenser Is Off

Your outside condenser requires higher voltage from the breaker panel and thermostat wires from the heater’s circuit board to run. Again, look for a double pole breaker and make sure it’s on. Then, check along the thin wire between the heater and the condenser; if you see that the wire is not insulated at any point then you will need to insulate it and replace a small fuse at heater’s circuit board.

 – Outside Condenser or Inside Coil Is Frozen

When did you last replace your air filter? Pull the air filter out of the heater, wait two minutes, and watch the ice melt away. If it doesn’t, check around your house and confirm that all of your supply and return vents are open and not blocked.

 – Check Your Thermostat

Wall thermostats are signal controllers meaning they tell the system what to do. If your thermostat is off or the room temperature is satisfying the thermostat, your heating and cooling system will not run.